Saturday, May 13, 2006

11:08 pm – Italy – Day 1 – Lucolena

I write to you, dear reader, from the Villa Il Castelaccio just outside the small Italian town of Lucolena in the hills of Tuscany.  For this journal, I'm going to dispense with the Print photo at homepreliminaries as much as possible.  However, for the record and just so you don't worry, Molly dog got to the kennel and our drive to Newark airport was, despite torrential rains on the east end of Long Island, uneventful.


I write this wearing a standard issue white tee-shirt issued by British Airways as our luggage did not follow us to Italy via London Gatwick and Bologna airports.  Beth will be haranguing all airlines concerned (Continental and British Airways) later today in an effort to track down our belongings.  One of the items is the power adapter to the computer with which I'm typing this journal, so if a sentence ends rather abruptly, you will know the battery ran out.


Print photo at homeWe are sharing the Villa with three other couples: Lesly & Gary; Brian & Susan; and Charles & Elizabeth.  Remember those names as there will be a quiz later.  Elizabeth and Charles have stayed at the Villa previously and organized our stay in Tuscany.  The Villa is nothing short of magnificent.  A 19th Century country house with four ground floor bedrooms each with their own bathrooms and showers, there is a private garden with barbecue and private swimming pool as well.  While there are only eight of us staying at the Villa, it can accommodate up to 12 persons by means of an additional bed room and bath located upstairs with its own living room containing two sofa beds. And, most splendidly of all, an enormous kitchen with oven, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave next to a dining room with fireplace - not mention a local laundry room with bathroom and 2 showers.


With this crowd, it was clear early on that the kitchen will be a big time meeting place. This evening for instance, because of Charles and Elizabeth's forethought, we had a sumptuous evening meal and went through eight bottles of wine.  This is going to be some fun!  Well, at least once we get our suitcases…


So ends Day One.



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